The first seminar with 4 short talks from group participants. Let’s meet and talk how to revolutionalize health care.

Summary of the event


  • 9:00

    Welcome + updates

    Łukasz Kidziński      

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Bioengineering, Stanford

  • 9:15

    AI for genomics: understanding and treating disease

    Avantika Lal  

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Pathology, Stanford

  • 9:40

    Artificial intelligence and the legal, ethical, regulatory, and policy implications

    Zach Harned    

    Founder of the Stanford AI & Law Society (SAILS), senior fellow with the digital mental health lab

  • 10:05

    ML researcher's guide to open brain imaging data

    Chris Gorgolewski      

    Co-Director, Stanford Center for Reproducible Neuroscience

  • 10:30

    Introduction To Computer Vision

    Aaron Greenblatt  

    CEO of Lighthawk Labs; Stanford EE PhD '15

  • 11:00

    Free discussion, networking and coffee


Where is Clark Center?

This event will be held in Clark Center (location above), in the room S360 Clark Center.

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Dermatology resident
MD Candidate
MS student bioengineering
Dermatology resident
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